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Sequence is an SEO Monitoring tool that gives you a new way of receiving information and analytical results related to your website from an SEO marketing perspective

Why choose Us


No minimum keyword to get started, track & pay as you need!

Unlimited Domain

Manage multiple domains, make it compact & efficient!


Track your targeted keyword locally and cross-border locales!

24/7 Support

Track your targeted keyword locally and cross-border locales!

Sequence Features


  • Cost per click data
  • Google search volume (last 12 months)
  • Keyword Competition
  • Track multiple/different countries and languages
  • Suggest related keywords and keyword research results based on user submitted
  • Provide page or website audit data, experience, and performance

Analyze & Visualization

  • Daily crawling data on keyword rank tracker and stats
  • Daily ranking position update
  • Give visualization of ranking position on the displayed data


  • Manage multiple domains
  • Customizable views or categorization of user keywords
  • Manage owned teams
  • Customizable task and board created
  • Customizable stats visualization data or chart component

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