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Impression Share Metrics

Impression share is the percentage of impressions your site or ad successfully received compared to the number of impressions your ad is entitled to. With this impression share, you can see if the cost of advertising is worth the number of impressions earned.

Sequence will only provide impression share data based on SERP features. Later the data can be used to find out how large the audience was reached.

How to Access Impression Share in Sequence

Impression share data can be accessed on the Stats page in Sequence. Scroll through the Stats page until you find the Impression Share chart.

How to Calculate Impression Share?

Impression share is calculated based on the percentage of impressions your site or ad successfully received compared to the number of impressions you were eligible for. To calculate the impression share of each SERP feature, you need to know the search volume, CTR, and Share of Voice (SOV) of the keywords being tracked.

SOV is obtained from the product of the search volume and the click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword. In order to determine the total impression share for each SERP feature, you must add up the SOV of your brand and competitors who have similar SERP features, then divide by the keyword search volume.

Take a look at the following example. When there is a keyword “X” that has a search volume of 1K, here is an example of calculating the impression share in paid search results on the SERP page.

KeywordRankSearch VolumeSERP FeaturesCTR for DesktopSoV

Table 1 - Simulation of impression share calculation on paid search results (paid).

Based on the calculation simulation above, the Impression share from paid search is obtained, which is 9%. This value is obtained from the sum of SOV on the same SERP feature and then divided by the total search volume of all keywords on the same day.

Impression share paid = Total SOV on the same SERP feature / total search volume

\= (50 + 40) / 1000 → for paid SERP features (paid)

\= 9%

Impression Share Report

Sequence will display the value of impression share or according to the SERP feature and changes in its value from time to time.

Check out the explanation of the following data visualization details to make it easier for you to see impression share data.

Compound Line Graph

Impression share is displayed in the form of a compound line graph showing the difference in impression share by SERP type. Our system differentiates SERP features into 4 categories namely organic results, paid results, SERP features, and others.

You can display data within a certain time period according to the set date period. In addition, there is an option to display impression share data for the last few months (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months), data from the beginning of the year to the present, as well as all impression share data.

In the graph, each SERP feature is shown with a different line. You can see the distribution of impression share on organic search results, paid results, and other SERP features. Hover your mouse over any of the data in the graph to see the detailed impression share for each SERP feature.

Figure 1 - Impression share compound line graph
Figure 1 - Impression share compound line graph

That is the short guideline for accessing impression share data in Sequence. Observe the effectiveness between the costs you incur and the number of impressions you manage to get each month. If you need our help, please get in touch via

Last updated on October 16, 2023
by Sequence Support