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Site Audit General Knowledge

A site audit is a tool that allows you to analyze the website's health. The audit results show the current state of the website as well as a list of technical issues on the identified pages. The data is then displayed with an attractive visual and is easy to understand.

It is important for web owners to keep their websites in good condition. This tool can help you crawl domains and subdomains to a certain depth to check the condition of your website. The audit report presented can help you determine corrective steps to improve website SEO.

Some of the advantages of site auditing offered by Sequence Stats include

A More Flexible Site Audit

The audit process can be accessed easily through the site audit menu. Users are free to set the URLs that crawlers will search and determine crawl parameters such as the number of pages to be crawled, the crawling depth, the crawler delay time, to the user agent or type of bot that will crawl.

Wait a moment to see the full site audit results. We will send a notification via email to you when the audit process has been completed. All audit results that you have done will be stored in our audit history.

The Most Complete Site Audit Report

We evaluate each crawled URL to analyze your website’s health. With just one tool you can view a fairly complete site audit report. Starting from the results of performance checks to metrics related to SEO on your website.

In the audit report summary, we display domain information, distribution of successfully audited pages, number of pages in good or bad condition, link checking, sitemap and robot.txt files, a list of technologies used in site development, SSL validity information, crawl depth distribution links, distribution of HTTP status codes on audited URLs, and page details of each URL that was successfully crawled.

Meanwhile, we also present the detailed audit results from the summary report. These details include reports of internal and external links that were successfully crawled, page details reports that contain information on why URLs are in good or bad condition, a list of pages that were crawled successfully, and a list of URLs from crawl depth, and page details reports.

In the page detail report, there are several menus ranging from menus to display reports related to HTML structure evaluation, accessibility reports of successfully crawled links, web performance evaluation results, page redirection lists, Google data structure reports applied to pages, to content problems such as keyword frequency, keyword density, and readability index of the keywords used in the content.

The Audit Cost Depends on The Number Of Crawled Pages

The costs required to audit one page are divided into two categories, namely:

  • Without activating Lighthouse, you will be charged $ 0.0086 or IDR 137
  • By activating Lighthouse, you will be charged $ 0.0101 or IDR 159

There is a price difference if you enable Lighthouse to perform site audits. By activating it, you will receive more complete results such as performance, accessibility, SEO scores, best practices, and other important metrics

The total cost will be adjusted according to the number of successfully crawled pages. If the number of URLs successfully crawled from your domain is less than the maximum number of pages set, the system will adjust your bill and refund your balance according to the crawled results.

That is an explanation of site audits in Sequence Stats. Perform regular checks to identify problems on the website to improve the performance and SEO of your website. Contact us at, if you need our help.

Last updated on February 14, 2023
by Sequence Support