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What is Sequence?

Sequence is an SEO Monitoring tool that gives you a new way of receiving information and analytical results related to your website from an SEO marketing perspective. The website analytics results produced by this tool are quite complete and presented in an attractive and easy-to-understand display.

The following tools make it easy for business owners, SEO experts, marketing, company executives, and webmasters to track keyword positions, monitor website performance, and find out the results of comparative analysis with competitors. This information is also clarified through graphical displays based on accurate data.

We are constantly working to roll out more advanced features so that you can enjoy great features in the future. In the first phase, you can fully enjoy the Keyword Rank Tracker feature in Sequence. Some of the excellent features that we offer are as follow:

  • Keyword Ranking Tracker

Keyword Ranking Tracker helps you track keyword positions and compare them with competitors' to get the best strategy to win the market.

  • SEO Kanban

Our system is now equipped with SEO kanban features that support team collaboration and project management. It offers convenience for you to communicate with teammates, manage website optimization projects, and track team productivity with just one tool.

  • Keyword Suggestion

We provide several keyword suggestions that support your research process. Through this feature, you can find a number of keyword ideas that are equipped with data on search volume, cost per click (CPC), to the level of keyword competition.

  • Domain Watchlist

Domain watchlists are useful for users who want to monitor specific domains that reside in our database. This feature provides analytical data related to the monitored domain, including average ranking (organic & absolute), market share, brand position, top page, and top keywords based on search volume and position.

  • Site Audit

Site Audit makes it easy for you to evaluate website domain performance. A good domain performance will increase the quality of SEO and the level of user engagement. This feature displays data that can be used in managing website performance optimization strategies. (coming soon)

  • Stats

The Stats feature presents website analytics results wrapped in an attractive data visualization. It contains a variety of graphs to make it easier for you to understand the displayed data. (Coming soon)

These Sequence tools allow you to predict many things from an SEO perspective by visualizing the analytical data in it. Start monitoring your website and implement optimization strategies based on available analytical results. Be the number one in Google SERP with Sequence!

Last updated on December 6, 2022
by Sequence Support