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What Is SEO Concern?

As an SEO monitoring tool, Sequence provides supporting features to notify users about detected SEO issues through the keyword ranking tracker. With this information, users can immediately strategize for future improvements and improvements.

This guide contains what is SEO Concern feature on Sequence. Below are definitions, access methods, and explanations for each metric.

SEO Concern

SEO Concern is a feature that contains several SEO metrics issues that need immediate improvement by the entire team. SEO Concern can tell if your URL is not secure, significant ranking drop, and the issue of keyword cannibalization.

By knowing this information, webmasters and SEO specialists can immediately determine evaluation steps to restore SEO scores. This feature will also make it easier for users to manage keywords in depth based on SEO rules.

Here we present some basic information you need to know about the SEO concern feature in Sequence Stats.

Accessing SEO Concern

Before accessing SEO Concern, users must first log in to their Sequence account and select one of their teams. After that, they will be directed to the rank dashboard and see the keyword ranking data that our system has successfully obtained.

SEO Concern will appear if there is an SEO problem on a keyword that you are tracking. Keywords that have SEO issues are marked with an orange indicator next to them. You can check the keyword issue in detail by pressing the right arrow icon on the selected keyword.

Figure 1: Indicator of SEO concern on keyword list
Figure 1: Indicator of SEO concern on keyword list

After you press the arrow icon, our system will open the keywords detail page. By default, keywords detail will display the detailed rank history of that keyword. To find where the SEO concerns appear, you can select the detailed keywords that are displayed.

Figure 2: Selecting detailed keywords to find SEO concerns.
Figure 2: Selecting detailed keywords to find SEO concerns.

Metrics In SEO Concern

In the SEO Concern feature, there are three metrics that can be displayed, namely website security, rank drop, and keyword cannibalization. Each metric has a different report on the keywords you are tracking. Here's an explanation of each of the metrics above:

Website Security

It is a report on the URL security of the keywords you track using Sequence. You will find SEO concerns about web security if Sequence finds a URL that uses HTTP.

In SEO, the recommended protocol is HTTPS due to the security factor offered. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP because it comes with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). HTTPS is so important that Google uses it as a ranking factor in its organic search results.

Figure 3: SEO Concern - Not secure
Figure 3: SEO Concern - Not secure

Rank Drop

Next, SEO Concern that can be displayed by Sequence is a rank drop significantly or a significant decrease in ranking. This data is obtained by comparing today's ranking with the previous ranking. This metric will appear as SEO Concern if there is a significant drop to 10 ranks lower.

You can see in detail about this SEO concern through the detailed keywords in the rank history section. On this page, you will see which keywords and URLs have experienced a significant drop.

Figure 4: SEO Concern - Rank Drop Significantly
Figure 4: SEO Concern - Rank Drop Significantly

The ranking drop on the keywords you are targeting is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. This is because the potential performance of keywords on the SERP can affect your business marketing activities.

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is a condition where there are two or more URLs that appear on the SERP with the same target keyword. For example, you used the keyword “SEO services” in article A, then you made article B with the same target keyword. Both articles will compete in the SERP. This makes Google unable to determine which pages are the most relevant and deserve the highest ranking.

This issue can be detected by Sequence through the SEO Concern feature. Our system will notify this issue in the detailed keywords > Archived SERP. On this page, you will find what keywords and URLs are cannibalizing the SERPs.

Figure 5: SEO Concern - Keyword Cannibalization
Figure 5: SEO Concern - Keyword Cannibalization

Determining which pages you are targeting on a keyword should be made clear. Google has the potential to devalue one of these pages to determine rankings. Therefore, monitoring all keywords using Sequence to detect the presence of keyword cannibalization is important.

That is all you have about the SEO Concern feature on Sequence. This feature will be very useful for you to improve website performance through the tracked keywords. If you're having trouble using Sequence, please visit our references page, or contact our team via

Last updated on December 6, 2022
by Sequence Support