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Rank Distribution Metrics

There are several metrics in the Sequence dashboard Stats, one of which is the rank distribution that displays the distribution of keyword rankings on the SERP, both organic rankings and absolute rankings from certain domains.

Through ranking distribution data, you can measure the success of your content based on the percentage of keywords on your website that manages to appear on the top rankings of search engines. You can determine website optimization steps to maintain or improve that position.

Select the Rank Distribution option on the Stats dashboard page to access the information about ranking distribution metrics for each currently active view. We provide the following guidelines to help you monitor the ranking distribution of your domain.

How to Determine Rank Distribution?

We determine the distribution of keyword rankings within your domain based on organic rankings and absolute rankings. Organic ranking is the result of organic search without including paid search results, while the absolute ranking is obtained from the order of all search results in the SERP.

Sequence only collects information from the top 100 websites that are in the top positions of the SERP pages. Other domains that are not included in it are considered non-ranked domains. We then divide it into a number of ranking ranges including ranks 1 to 3, ranks 4 to 10, ranks 11 to 20, ranks 21 to 30, ranks 31 to 100, and non-ranked domains.

The ranking distribution will display the percentage of how many keywords in your domain rank within that range. In addition, we will also display the percentage of non-ranking keywords in your domain. Rank distribution data is stored since the first time you add the keywords and will be updated on a daily basis.

Get to know the type of graph in the Rank Distribution Metrics

Sequence displays ranking distribution data in the form of tables and graphs with attractive and easy-to-understand visualizations. Users can change the appearance of the ranking distribution from a collated column graph to a table or vice versa by selecting the Switch Component Type option at the top of the rank distribution.

Column Graph Rank Distribution

In a stacked column graph, the results of the ranking distribution are displayed in a column arrangement containing the percentage of each ranking range. To see the results of the absolute rank distribution, please press the Absolute option on the top left side of the rank distribution. Select the Organic option to find out the distribution results of your organic ranking.

The horizontal axis in the graph shows the date the ranking distribution was tracked each day, while the vertical axis shows the percentage of your keywords that are in the range 3, 10, 20, 30, the top 100 SERP page rankings, and not rank keywords.

Sequence differentiates the ranking range into several different color indicators. The higher the ranking on the SERP page, the lighter the color indicator, and the darkest color indicates the non-ranking category. Hover your mouse over one of the columns to see the details of the daily ranking distribution of your domain.

Users can select options in the dropdown to display the distribution of daily, weekly, or monthly rankings. In addition, users can display the ranking distribution based on a certain period of time by pressing the calendar icon, then selecting the start and end dates of the ranking distribution that they want to display.

Figure 1 - Stacked Column Graph Rank Distribution
Figure 1 - Stacked Column Graph Rank Distribution

Rank Distribution Table

In the ranking distribution table, you only need to press the Absolute option to display the absolute ranking distribution results. If you want to know the distribution of organic rankings, simply select the Organic option and the system will display the results of the distribution of organic rankings.

In the table, you will see a ranking distribution column showing the division of the ranking range in Sequence. In the column on the right, you can see the details of the daily ranking percentage of all keywords in your domain based on that ranking range.

You can also display data for a certain period of time by pressing the calendar icon and specifying the time period you want to display. In addition to these options, Sequence also provides the option to display daily, weekly, or monthly data by pressing the dropdown option on the left side.

All team members can view ranking distribution data on the Stats dashboard page. However, an exception is granted to users with a suspended Sequence account wherein that user cannot view ranking distribution data from the time the account is suspended until the user's account is reactivated.

Figure 2 - Rank Distribution Table
Figure 2 - Rank Distribution Table

That's a brief explanation of Rank Distribution in Sequence. Monitor your domain's ranking distribution and optimize it regularly. We are ready to help you optimize your website right now! Please contact and our team will be happy to assist you.

Last updated on February 20, 2023
by Sequence Support